Graddo humanitarian fund


GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND operates in the area of humanitarian activities since 1994. GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND helps deserted, handicapped children, chidlren suffering from fatal diseases, co-citizens suffering from natural disasters, accidents, diseases, refugees, pensioners from rest homes, people in need and also carnivorous animals in danger and also endangered historical sights. Such voluntary work is made directly by the managers of GRADDO and in the area of public interest activities there are included sponsors and volunteers by Dr. Alexandr Cach.

GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND takes patronage over 12 children's homes.

GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND organizes children's days with a rich cultural program and final gift-giving in the presentational and training centre - GRADDOLAND, every year.

GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND holds Christmas parties, summer camps, festivals and exhibitions of special arts, races and competitions for children every year.  The profit from the annual Health, beauty and strenght competition held on the occassion of gathering of friends and partners, is used for humanitarian purpose as a whole. Through those benefit days and presents, company GRADDO struggles to make uneasy life of those who need it more pleasant. According to his activities in the rescue of carnivorous animals in danger Dr. Alexandr Cach, Director of Board of the company GRADDO and the founder of GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND  became the President of Endowment Fund CITES that fights for saving and breeding carnivorous animals and who also takes care of two Ussurian tigers. Those are highly protected due to their number of 150 pieces in the world and still in danger of extinction.

At the time of destroying flodds in 1997 the professionality of IBSSA CZ has been awarded by a whole range of recognizable personalities from cultural, political, sports and also science sphere and also by many citizens when at the time of catastrophic floods of 1997, 2002 due to unselfish help of the IBSSA CZ employees led by Dr. Alexandr Cach, many human lives were saved and much of material damage was prevented from. In cooperation with a state rescue and security structures Dr. Alexandr Cach together with his team participated in direct rescues, evacuation of hospitals, delivery departments, old-people's homes, direct organization of difficult evacuation of historic centres and protection of co-citizens' properties. They saved incalculable human and material values. They relieved from indescribable suffering of many co-citizens by organizing a chain of following benefit concerts „Artists against water" and other benefit events held by GRADDO and PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA. According to this solidarity, citizenship and humanity he was appointed an honorable citizen of the town - Uherské Hradiště and he was awarded a prize from the Chief of district authorities in Zlin, Chief of the Committee for renewal and development of areas affected with floods in the region of Zlin, from the Chief Commander of military territorial defense of Tabor, Maj. Gen. Ing. Petr Voznica, Chief magistrate of town Otrokovice and others. Dr. Alexandr Cach together with his team was awarded a prestigious prize of Via Bona out of 205 nominations by the Foundation Via Bona in cooperation with Citicorp New York, Citibank a.s., Foundation of the Civil Society, Forum of donors and personalities and an Independent Commission of the representatives of economic, medial and non-profitable sphere. Dr. Alexandr Cach was awarded by the U.S. ambassadress in Prague, Mrs. Janonne Walker, personally, on the 18th May 1998 at the U.S. Embassy in Prague, in presence of representatives of the Czech government and humanitarian organizations. This prestigious award is appointed to a limited number of recognizable donors from the entrepreneurial sphere out of which individuals expressed their personal and corporate solid citizenship and significant humanitarian orientation.

In 1998 for his whole educational and entrepreneurial profile and social statute, particular for his active contribution in humanitarian area and for his help to citizens in Moravia at the time of floods in 1997, the Chief of Board of GRADDO, Dr. Alexandr Cach, was accepted into the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta by its Regent, Dom Lorenzo, as an expression of the highest recognition in all of these areas within recognizable delegation for humanitarian and security activities in the Czech Republic and in the regions of Central Europe. Since 2005 Alexandr Cach has been a Minister of Humanitarian Affairs of the Federation of Knights of Malta, he is a member of diplomatic corps, a holder a diplomatic passport of this order and Chief Commander of Czech Unite of Femeraid International Services.

In summer 2002 there was another flood in the Czech Republic, mainly in Moravia, when Dr. Alexandr Cach along with his team again took part in the rescues and subsequently, in eliminating the results of that catastrophe. In September 2002 after exemplary and devoted participation of the GRADDO team and IBSSA CZ team Dr. Alexandr Cach was awarded two significant prizes for „Bravery in the rescues" by the top representatives of the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta and International Bodyguard Securty Services Association. Subsequently, Dr. Alexandr Cach was charged by the top representatives of IBSSA with managing „International rescue team" operating in any situation of danger to population worldwide.

During 1998-1999 the chief of board of the company GRADDo a.s., Dr. Alexandr Cach, became a member of International Academy of Informatization and he merged potential of the company GRADDO together with potential of many influential and educated people. Subsequently, on the recommendation of science and social representatives on the international level, Dr. Alexandr Cach was elected one of the six presidents of the International Academy of Informatization as a representative of the region of Central Europe. The International Academy of Informatiozation operates under UN and it has its affiliate „Informatization and UN" in the headquarters of UN in New York. International Academy of Informatization has a consultative statute No. 1 against UN. It realizes extensive programs in the area of social restructuring, public healthcare, protection of children and predict of natural disaster. It has worked out realistic approaches towards social-political problems of present world. There are programs related to international security, informatization and additional human activities. The Academy focuses on entrepreneurial projects that can contribute to humankind as the whole. Development of informatization is a common denominator of present situation in all areas of our lives and that is why the Academy means a step towards humanization of society.