Pragokoncert Bohemia

„The Velvet Revolution" in 1989 brought to PRAGOKONCERT lot of changes. The agency continued as an allowance organization though (apart from other the Ministry of Culture provided „Mozart world celebration in 1991), but there was privatization ahead of it. The privatization was finalized in October 1997 but a new owner that owned and managed PRAGOKONCERT only for a short period of time due to problems concerning his business was sued and imprisoned. The unhappy privatization harmed the declining agency - there was absolute chaos and only at the end of 1995 PRAGOKONCERT was bought by a businessman, Dr. Alexandr Cach, an owner of renowned company - GRADDO.

Under new management of GRADDO PRAGOKONCERT became a high profitable company. At present, PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA shares a majority at the market. It represents most of domestic art subjects and objects of entertainment, a whole range of international artists, and it organizes significant cultural, social and humanitarian events. The art agency founded a travel agency - PRAGOTOUR BOHEMIA with a unique offer of domestic and foreign recreational and sight-seeing tours into attractive resorts in the Arabic Emirates, Egypt and in many other countries of the world.
Since 1964 it has organized a prestigious International Jazz Festival, Prague. It manages the most famous jazz club in the central Europe - REDUTA, and a rock club - Masters of Rock Café. 

Into portfolio of PRAGOKONCERT comes for example, concerts of Manowar, performance of Irish dance group - Lord of the Dance, performance of American magician David Copperfield, organization of annual rock festivals - Masters of Rock (the biggest festival in the Czech Republic, audience of 40.000 people) where the greatest domestic and foreign music legends perform, also concerts of such stars as Saxon, Halloween, Nightwish, Alphaville, Art Garfunkel, Ray Charles, Montserrat Caballé, Tony Bennett, Vanessa Mae, etc. belong to the portfolio of the art agency - PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA. It also imports and exports artists and music subjects of various genres. It represents artists in performing, guesting, moderating, etc.

At the time of concerts of American legendary heavy-metal group - Manowar in June and September 2002 in the Czech Republic held by cultural agency - PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA, Dr. Alexandr Cach extended his close friendship with the leader of the band - Joey DeMaio and the rest members of the band by exclusive representation of Manowar in the territory of central and Eastern Europe by PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA . Thus, there was a new extended phase of European wide activities of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA and on the basis of cooperation with Manowar there was a new phase of studio activities of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA formed. Subsequently, IBSSA CZ formed a new product of show business security. In the terms of activities of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA, IBSSA CZ and GRADDO in autumn 2002 Dr. Alexandr Cach provided a prominent Czech film actor, Mr. Jiří Krampol, with a complex security training in connection with his role in a new Czech action movie „Causa Lolita".

Apart from direct help to the victims of the floods in the years of 1997 and 2002 when the employees of the company, led by Dr. Alexandr Cach, participated in the rescue and they contributed in rescuing many human lives, GRADDO, PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA and IBSSA CZ under GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND organized a series of benefit concerts.

Those concerts were performed round the whole Czech Republic under „Artists against water" and „Concert for Moravia". Profits from those events were put on the account of flood victims. It is worth to mention that Dr. Alexandr Cach and the most active members of his team became honorable citizens of the afflicted towns due to their solidarity and humanity.

Cooperation between the holding company GRADDO and the agency - PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA is a proof of convenience of connection of top business-financial company with an art agency where one partner exploits contacts, experience and reputation of the other one. PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA thus, continues in its nearly fifty-year long activity as one of the oldest and most successful art and cultural agency of world reputation.