Expansion of Graddo

Apart from the automotive industry, the company operated successfuly also in other areas through its subsidiary firms in the 90's.

We can mention commercial-industrial consulting, investment and private consulting, marketing, advertising and promotional division, production of commercial and industrial packaging, logistics - international haulage taking advantages of its own duty free zone, security agency and many other non-profitable activities.

In 1993 company GRADDO starts cooperating with the top representatives of banking institutions in the Czech Republic. It starts building a strong implementation team. That one attends many sessions for managers abroad. Company GRADDO executes revitalization of 13 companies due to its team and help of banks. The revitalization of the Czech firms is organized in cooperation with a Swiss-Italian consulting company - Euro-in Consulting with which GRADDO establishes a consulting joint-venture for clients in the central Europe.


The revitalization concerns mainly the declining art agency - PRAGOKONCERT that came under the company GRADDO in 1995 and thus, it was renamed to PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA. GRADDO made this agency become a high profitable company.  At present, PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA shares a majority at the market. It represents most of domestic art subjects and objects of entertainment, a whole range of international artists, and it organizes significant cultural, social and humanitarian events. For example, concerts of Manowar, performance of Irish dance group - Lord of the Dance, performance of American magician David Copperfield, organization of annual rock festivals - Masters of Rock (the biggest festival in the Czech Republic, audience of 40.000 people) where the greatest domestic and foreign music legends perform, also concerts of such stars as Saxon, Helloween, Nightwish, Alphaville, Art Garfunkel, Ray Charles, Montserrat Caballé, Tony Bennett, Vanessa Mae, etc. belong to the portfolio of the art agency - PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA. It also imports and exports artists and music subjects of various genres. It represents artists in performing, guesting, moderating, etc. The art agency founded a travel agency - PRAGOTOUR BOHEMIA with a unique offer of domestic and foreign recreational and sight-seeing tours into attractive resorts in the Arabic Emirates, Egypt and in many other countries of the world.

Since 1964 it has organized a prestigious International Jazz Festival, Prague. It manages the most famous jazz club in the central Europe - REDUTA, and a rock club - Masters of Rock Café.

Apart from direct help to the victims of the floods in the years of 1997 and 2002 when the employees of the company, led by Dr. Alexandr Cach, participated in the rescue and they contributed in rescuing many human lives, GRADDO, PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA and IBSSA CZ under GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND organized a series of benefit concerts. Those concerts were performed round the whole Czech Republic under „Artists against water" and „Concert for Moravia". Profits from those events were put on the account of flood victims. It is worth to mention that Dr. Alexandr Cach and the most active members of his team became honorable citizens of the afflicted towns due to their solidarity and humanity. GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND operated in the area of humanitarian activities from 1994. It helped abandoned, handicapped and mentally affected children, children suffering from declines, co-citizens who suffered from natural disasters, accidents, diseases, refugees, seniors from the old-people's home, people in need and also carnivorous animals in danger and historical sights in danger too. Managers of the company volunteered to do that. Dr. Alexandr Cach also brought in sponsors and volunteers on that program. GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND took patronage over 12 children's homes. GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND organizes children's days with a rich cultural program and final gift-giving in the presentational and training centre - GRADDOLAND, every year. GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND holds Christmas parties, summer camps, festivals and exhibitions of special arts, races and competitions for children every year.  The profit from the annual Health, beauty and strenght competition held on the occasion of gathering of friends and partners, is used for humanitarian purpose as a whole. Through those benefit days and presents, company GRADDO struggles to make uneasy life of those who need it more pleasant. According to his activities in the rescue of carnivorous animals in danger Dr. Alexandr Cach, Director of Board of the company GRADDO and the founder of GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND  became the President of Endowment Fund CITES that fights for saving and breeding carnivorous animals and who also takes care of two Ussurian tigers. Those are highly protected due to their number of 150 pieces in the world and still in danger of extinction.

In 1995 GRADDO undertakes bankrupt plastic production. The new company - GRADDO PLASTY - is recovered according to implementation of new entrepreneurial methods and guided towards large profitability.

Dr. Alexandr Cach, Director of Board of company GRADDO, founded company ALMIR together with his personal trainer and world champion in karate, Mr. Miroslav Gachulinec. At the same time GRADDO issued a magazine - Budojournal - that became one of the most read sports periodicals in the Czech Republic.

Fighting the crime, helping the people

Wide range of activities of GRADDO flowed into revitalization of bankrupt company TURFCENTRUM SLUŠOVICE in 1997. Activity of the company was renewed and developed into successful realization of horse-races on the international level. In 1997 together with its German partner GRADDO founded company QSI (Quality and Service International) for control of quality systems of selected Czech companies. In the same year GRADDO in cooperation with IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association) founded security agency IBSSA CZ (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association Czech Republic) for the purposes of guarding its own enterprises and ensuring security services to all events organized by the art agency - PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA. It is a representation of international security agency IBSSA with its representation in 110 countries of the world in five continents including more than 2 000 security subjects and issuing one of the most read periodicals in the field of security services, magazine Sportivo. After some time activities of IBSSA CZ widen with security services for external clients. Professionalism of IBSSA CZ has been awarded by a whole range of recognizable personalities from cultural, political, sports and also science sphere and also by many citizens when at the time of catastrophic floods of 1997, 2002 due to unselfish help of the IBSSA CZ employees led by Dr. Alexandr Cach, many human lives were saved and much of material damage was prevented from. In cooperation with a state rescue and security structures Dr. Alexandr Cach together with his team participated in direct rescues, evacuation of hospitals, delivery departments, old-people's homes, direct organization of difficult evacuation of historic centers and protection of co-citizens' properties. They saved incalculable human and material values. They relieved from indescribable suffering of many co-citizens by organizing a chain of following benefit concerts „Artists against water" and other benefit events held by GRADDO and PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA. According to this solidarity, citizenship and humanity he was appointed an honorable citizen of the town - Uherské Hradiště and he was awarded a prize from the Chief of district authorities in Zlin, Chief of the Committee for renewal and development of areas affected with floods in the region of Zlin, from the Chief Commander of military territorial defence of Tabor, Maj. Gen. Ing. Petr Voznica, Chief magistrate of town Otrokovice and others. Dr. Alexandr Cach together with his team was awarded a prestigious prize of Via Bona out of 205 nominations by the Foundation Via Bona in cooperation with Citicorp New York, Citibank a.s., Foundation of the Civil Society, Forum of donors and personalities and an Independent Commission of the representatives of economic, medial and non-profitable sphere. Dr. Alexandr Cach was awarded by the U.S. ambassadoress in Prague, Mrs. Janonne Walker, personally, on the 18th May 1998 at the U.S. Embassy in Prague, in presence of representatives of the Czech government and humanitarian organizations. This prestigious award is appointed to a limited number of recognizable donors from the entrepreneurial sphere out of which individuals expressed their personal and corporate solid citizenship and significant humanitarian orientation.

Sports and Health

In 1998 GRADDO founded company AESCULAP that was operating in privatization of hospitals. Apart from that AESCULAP also imported medical materials into the Czech Republic and in 2003 it signed an exclusive agreement with company GHD Engineering for controling 4 sanatoriums such as, for example, the Bahrainian one. In the same year the Chief of Board of GRADDO, Dr. Alexandr Cach, became a vice-president of the Czech karate association and the Czech team took the third place in Europe and the fourth in the World under his control. In 1999 he is appointed President of the Czech karate association and he raises whole prestige of this kind of sport in the Czech Republic and abroad. Accordingly, on the basis of recommendation of science and social international representatives Dr. Alexandr Cach was appointed one of six presidents of the International Academy of Informatization as a representative of the region of central Europe. The International academy of informatization operates under UN and it has more than 500 regional affiliates from the whole world. The headquarters of the academy is in Prague, Geneva, Montreal, New York and St. Petersburg. Members of the academy are recognizable educated people such as Kofi Anan, Sergei Primakov, Butrus B. Ghali, general secretary of American States Organization, Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, executive secretary of European economic commission, Yves Berthelot, leading representative of Russian Duma, Genadii Seleznev, and others.

Knights of Malta 

In 2000 for his whole educational and entrepreneurial profile and social statute, particular for his active contribution in humanitarian area and for his help to citizens in Moravia at the time of floods in 1997, the Chief of Board of GRADDO, Dr. Alexandr Cach, was accepted into the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta by its Regent, Dom Lorenzo, as an expression of the highest recognitition in all of these areas within recognizable delegation for humanitarian and security activities in the Czech Republic and in the regions of Central Europe. Due to the membership in this Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta and active cooperation with prominent members of this order company Graddo could enlarge its activities on the highest level of the global scale. In 2005 Dr. Alexandr Cach became a Minister of Humanitarian Affairs of the Federation of Knights of Malta and he got a diplomatic passport of this order. In 2000 Dr. Alexandr Cach passed several verifications of the U.S. federal units and he was accepted as an active member of the leading world association that fights against narcotics „International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association" (INEOA) and its branch DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) that operates worldwide under the auspices of the U.S. Ministry of Justice. He has certificates for these activities in the area of security with a permission of providing security consulting.

Graddo Worldwide 

GRADDO developed its activities also through cooperation with the European Union and UN. On the basis of that cooperation Dr. Alexandr Cach, Chief of Board of GRADDO, was appointed a member of the Highest Executive Counsel by the representative Board of the Centre of International Projects (CIP) in Lisbon. The centre operates under patronage of UN and it performs evaluation of significant projects and their financing from the European Union. Apart from others, Graddo emphasizes spiritual and physical vitality and good physical condition of its employees. Managers of the company exercise physical and spiritual activities that have positive influence on their stress resistance under the guidance of Dr. Alexandr Cach. He obtained the 5th Dan in Karate in World Championship in 2001 in Venice from the representatives of World Budo Federation and International Budo Academy.

In summer 2002 there was another flood in the Czech Republic, mainly in Moravia, when Dr. Alexandr Cach along with his team again took part in the rescues and subsequently, in eliminating the results of that catastrophe. In September 2002 after exemplary and devoted participation of the GRADDO team and IBSSA CZ team Dr. Alexandr Cach was awarded two significant prizes for „Bravery in the rescues" by the top representatives of the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta and International Bodyguard Securtiy Services Association. Subsequently, Dr. Alexandr Cach was charged by the top representatives of IBSSA with managing „International rescue team" operating in any situation of danger to population worldwide.

At the time of concerts of American legendary heavy-metal group - Manowar in June and September 2002 in the Czech Republic held by cultural agency - PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA, Dr. Alexandr Cach extended his close friendship with the leader of the band - Joey DeMaio and the rest members of the band by exclusive representation of Manowar in the territory of central and Eastern Europe by PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA . Thus, there was a new extended phase of European wide activities of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA and on the basis of cooperation with Manowar there was a new phase of studio activities of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA formed. Subsequently, IBSSA CZ formed a new product of show business security.

In the terms of activities of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA, IBSSA CZ and GRADDO in autumn 2002 Dr. Alexandr Cach provided a prominent Czech film actor, Mr. Jiří Krampol, with a complex security training in connection with his role in a new Czech action movie „Causa Lolita". The training was focused on complex physical and psychological preparation, assumption of the principles of strategic fight, anti-terrorist training, adoption of driving armored cars in extreme terrain and conditions, combative sports and self-defence, training in pistol and heavy weapon shooting, spiritual and concentrating exercises. For his excellent results in the training Mr. Jiří Krampol was accepted as an active member of the International Bodyguard Security Services Association IBSSA and the Security agency IBSSA CZ.

In autumn 2002, Chief of Board of GRADDO, Dr. Alexandr Cach, was appointed a member of a forum with headquarters in Berlin, WAF - World Anti-terrorist Forum and International Bodyguard and Security Services Association IBSSA in Riga. The forum is an official non-governmental organization of politics, scientists, financiers, representatives of governments and parliaments from the whole world. There are such members of the forum, such as representatives of FBI, ALFA and other significant security structures. Among the members there is the former minister of inner affairs of Austria, president of a French-Russian company, ambassador of the Russian Federation in the U.S.A., representative of the Committee of State DUMA of the RF for anti-terrorist fight, representatives of the European Parliament and the Congress U.S.A. and many other personalities of importance. On the occasion of this international congress in Riga Dr. Alexandr Cach was addressed by president and general director of the company SIBCO operating in international consulting in the area of security qualifications, certifications and making entrepreneurial contacts in the world and he was invited into partnership in the form of joint venture for an area of „risk assessment"  with global activities. That joint venture is focused on assessing total risks of important world events such as fairs, Olympic games, world championships, meeting of representatives of defense pacts, etc. In the terms of the same congress Dr. Cach was appointed by the executives of IBSSA to form additional private security companies „Global Security Company" with majority GRADDO and IBSSA and he was also authorized to pick up the best subjects in particular areas of private security in Europe as minority partners in that firm (technology, detective services, electronic security, etc.). In November 2002 Dr. Alexandr Cach obtained an official permission to train with his team of the companies GRADDo and IBSSA in the FBI Academy facilities in Budapest. That is unique facility of FBI of its own in Europe. Evaluation through camera system (38 cameras) and evaluation of trained hits by professional psychologists are specialities of that complex. Subsequently, the IBSSA executives appointed Dr. Alexandr Cach an Executive President of the International Sport Federation IBSSA ISF for Europe, Asia and Africa. IBSSA ISF annually organizes huge number of regional and international sport activities, practices, championships, camps and competitions. The Federation works in a wide range of sport and security sport disciplines.

In February 2003 Dr. Alexandr Cach obtained the 6th Dan in Karate on the occassion of the fourth representative congress of IBSSA in the hotel Continental in Budapest from hands of the top representatives of World Budo Federation and Intenrational Budo Academy. Chief of Board of GRADDO company, Dr. Alexandr Cach, is not only an active sportsman but he also supports and sponsors top sport talents. Among those that he took to the European and global level are: three-time champion of Europe and 6th in the world in bodybuilding - Darina Gajovska, an absolute champion of the Czech Republic in bodybuilding - Vaclav Sperl, an absolute champion of the Czech Republic in bodybuilding and 6th place in Europe - Ales Vavrik, World champion, several-time champion of Europe and 19-time champion of the Czech and Slovak Republics in karate - Miroslav Gachulinec, a world champion and champion of Europe in fitness - Marieta Zigalova and a champion of Europe in veteran swimming - Vilem Cejka. He supports also representative karate team that has taken the 3rd place in Europe and the 4th place in the World.

Trade and Development

At the beginning of new millennium GRADDO went through a complete revitalizing program and it developed its activity into four fundamental areas. The first area is founding of a new supranational company - CMX-GRADDO. The second and third area is foundation and preparation of licenses for operation of commodity exchange - EUROPEAN MERCANTILE EXCHANGE (EMXchange) and its subsequent expansion and mergence with GLOBAL MERCANTILE EXCHANGE (GMXchange). The fourth area is an intensive research and development in the area of Biotechnologies under the title BIOTECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIVE CENTRE. We started with global activities where on the basis of foundation  joint ventures together with foreign partners, close cooperation with affiliate companies, colleges and universities and processing unique patents and technologies from the International Academy of Information we could combine foreign know-how, cheap finances, local skills and knowledge of national environment along by using cheap entering raw materials from the Eastern Europe. If we take in account our close mentality, we can use the strategic advantages in Russia in better way than our western partners.

Important milestone in GRADDO's history was February 2003 when Dr. Alexandr Cach concluded an agreement of founding a new supranational company CMX-GRADDO with an American entrepreneur, Dr. Antonio D. Brown. By merging of two significant companies, a Czech production-mercantile company GRADDO and an American commodity exchange COMMODITIES MANAGEMENT EXCHANGE, Inc. (CMXchange, Inc.) that operates primarily as automotive supplier a multinational concern  was formed that continues in actual activities of the founding enterprises and that does business through its affiliates in many new areas and prepares new important projects for realization on the global level. Due to his contacts on the top level in the U.S.A., Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, China, Arabic countries and in other countries of the world, it extends and develops new business activities in the terms of project called „Bridge between West and East" that is opened for new business possibilities without differentiation in commodities, products and goods and without limitation of buying and selling country.

Founding commodity exchange EUROPEAN MERCANTILE EXCHANGE (EMXchange) was a fundamental stone for CMX-GRADDO. Know-how was taken from the American company CMXchange, Inc.and GRADDO would provide efficiently the process of transactions at this exchange in a newly prepared administrative and informational centre under support of the highest technologies and software. Recently, a preparation phase of license  and system of work of commodity exchange with its industrial and agricultural commodities and their derivates has been finishing under guidance of professionally trained workers of company CMXchange and GRADDO. In 2005 GMXchange and EMXchange incorporated and Dr. Alexandr Cach became the President of the exchange. Due to the incorporation of those exchanges (GMXchange and EMXchange) the range of commodities and contracts will enlarge itself for all participants. Therefore, it will be possible to trade with essential industrial metals, mainly with aluminum, copper and precious metals - palladium and platinum, at the exchange. Out of the energy commodities there will be crude oil, D2 and electric energy provided. EMXchange has been preparing also a range of contracts for construction lumber and some other wood products. GMX has been preparing futures contracts for steel that has not been successfully implemented at any present exchanges.

GRADDO has been also cooperating with several world science and research institutions and it has been intensively operating in the Biotechnological research and development in which GRADDO finds future and great possibilities for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. That cooperation has flown into a project - BIOTECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION CENTRE that has been listed in a program of support and development of business and it has been realized along with support of European Union. Its activity is focused on research development, support of entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial incubator, increase of qualification, innovation and know-how.

The profile and business strategy of GRADDO consist of projects that have been already introduced and also of projects that develop during business activities on the basis of cooperation with a whole range of foreign companies. Year of 2004 is the proof of that when GRADDO founded a joint-venture with an American millionaire, Russ Widger, GRADDO-WIDGER that concentrated on commodity business, cooperation with Detroit automotive plants and cooperation in the area of telecommunication technologies. GRADDO also entered cooperation with an American security agency of Mr. Dave West - Legion Protective Services members of which are former members of SWAT and it signed European-American  joint-venture agreement - SWAT Minnesota.

For the purpose of security of its own companies and investments as well as business partners and recently the public as well, an affiliate - COMPLEX PROCESS SERVICES (CPS) was founded in 2004 that provided complex package of services from the juridical field, including law consultancy, financing of lawsuits and other kind of suits.

Due to its concentration mainly on the eastern markets there happened additional related things in 2005. Dr. Alexandr Cach was appointed a Vice-president of SVSOK (Central-European, Eastern-European and Central-Asian Chamber of Commerce), and subsequently, at the „round table conference" of European-Russian Chamber that significant people from all over the world participate in, Dr. Alexandr Cach was appointed „Honorary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Czech Republic". In the same year Dr. Alexandr Cach  was appointed also a Vice-president of Russian-European-Asian Chamber of Commerce and also a member of Afro-Asian Chamber of Commerce with a legal address in London. GRADDO and its newly founded affiliates formed a „Bridge between East and West", and by connection of this bridge Dr. Alexandr Cach became a member of CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) and he obtained membership in the Asian Business Breakfast Club organized in the House of Lords of British Parliament gathering politicians and leading businessmen from Asia which contributed in reaching new contacts.

Annually, International bodyguard and security services association - IBSSA organizes international congress that 120 representatives of membership countries from five continents participate in. Only the most important members of IBSSA have the privilege to organize the congress that is always organized in different membership country. Mutual cooperation above standard between IBSSA CZ and International bodyguard and security services association resulted in delegation IBSSA CZ to hold annual tenth congress of IBSSA. The Congress took place from the 18th of March to 20th of March 2005 in the relaxation and training territory of IBSSA - GRADDOLAND and in a new administrative space of company GRADDO. At this congress Dr. Alexandr Cach was invited into the „Hall of Fame of security services association" and he was appointed a Vice-president of IBSSA and a leading manager of the economic department. In April 2005 Dr. Alexandr Cach was accepted as the first citizen of the Czech Republic in Budapest, Hungary, into the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

According to the stated facts it is obvious that after some time GRADDO had penetrated into many attractive fields and it used joined potential of its affiliates and its management. For its partners the company means global production, managerial and consulting abilities, high technologies and the best contacts with the top business, political, financial and cultural representatives and scientists on the global level. The company does its business in various forms at the Russian, European, American and Arabic markets.

Planned transfer of entire administrative background and top management of the company into a newly reconstructed, up-to-date equipped six storey administrative building of 120 offices with easy access near FREE ZONE GRADDO is a significant step towards realization of defined aims of company GRADDO. Those newly reconstructed representative spaces will be used also by the FREE ZONE GRADDO and also by the affiliates IBSSA CZ, CPS and also by the commodity exchange - GLOBAL MERCANTILE EXCHANGE and EUROPEAN-AMERICAN MERCANTILE EXCHANGE with whom GRADDO closely cooperates on the realization of projects in the terms of European-American joint venture - CMX-GRADDO.

Due to the fact that we are a Slavic nation and the Eastern Europe is close to us, we have never refused any cooperation in this term. We know the eastern mentality, relations and culture very well and we have always known how to combine it in the effective way. We understand and we have found out how profitable advantages provided by the Central Europe thanks to its strategic position, multi lowered expenses, stability and gradual compatibility with the EU for business can be. In our entrepreneurial activities we use not only advantageous position of the Czech Republic but also our political independence, flexibility and know-how of the territory, languages and mentality of western and eastern markets. We successfully connect these two diversified worlds through our activity and we fulfill the idea of the „Bridge between East and West".

In the meantime of his entrepreneurial activities, Sir JUDr. PhDr. Alexandr Cach, PhD., the founder of GRADDO, founded a whole range of successful international companies, he obtained doctorates in law, philosophy and social science and he was appointed many significant titles of several charity funds, organizations and associations, and he was awarded many prizes, gratitudes and appreciations for his activity in humanitarian and sports activities:

  • Doctor of Social Sciences - psychology, doctoral thesis: „Motivation - development of managerial potential by adjustment and programing of his subconsciousness", title - PhDr. (2003 - Palacky University, Olomouc)
  • Doctor of Civil Law - postgradual studies - thesis - „Ombudsman - protector of human rights", he obtained PhD. (1999 - Masaryk University, Brno), doctorate thesis - „Divorce" - JUDr. (2003 Masaryk University, Brno)
  • Professor in the fields of „World Economy and International Economic Relations"
  • Professor in the Institute of Public Diplomacy in the field of „Legal Informatization"
  • At present he has been a student of the fourth grade at School of Medicine, Palacky University, Olomouc. He has successfully passed rigorous exams in anatomy, chemistry, physiology, biology, histology, biochemistry, biophysics, neurology, microbiology, pathology, internal medicine, immunology and others.
  • Chief of Board of GRADDO, production-trading holding company
  • Chief of Board of PRAGOKONCERT BOHEMIA CZ, cultural agency
  • President of charity organization - GRADDO ENDOWMENT AND HUMANITARIAN FUND
  • President of Endowment fund - CITES that struggles to save endangered carnivorous animals
  • President of ALMIR - business activities
  • President of QSI (Quality and Service International) - proceedings of quality systems of particular Czech firms
  • Chief of Board of IBSSA CZ (International Bodyguard and Security Services Agency) that operates as a representative of international security association IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Agency) in the Czech Republic
  • Vice-president of international security association IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Agency) and a leading manager of its economic department
  • Chief of Board of holding company -AESCULAP that operates in medicine
  • One of six presidents of Internationl Academy of Informatization, Doctor of International Sciences and a Professor of International Academy of Informatization, a member of the Top Counsel of that Academy
  • Vice-president of IBSSA ISF (International Sport Federation) for Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • President of European- American joint venture - CMX-GRADDO
  • President of commodity exchange - GMXchange (GLOBAL MERCANTILE EXCHANGE)
  • President of commodity exchange - EMXchange (EUROPEAN-AMERICAN MERCANTILE EXCHANGE)
  • President of European-American joint venture - GRADDO-WIDGER
  • President of European-American joint venture and a security agency - Legion Protective Services
  • President of European-American joint venture SWAT Minnesota
  • Chief of Board of holding company - CPS (COMPLEX PROCESS SERVICE)
  • Vice-president of SVSOK (Central-European, eastern-European and central-Asian Chamber of Commerce)
  • Vice-president of Russian-European-Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • Ambassador of Russian Federation to the Czech Republic
  • A Member of the Highest Executive Counsel of Centre of International Projects (CIP - Centre of International Projects)
  • A member of the World anti-terrorist forum (WAF - World Anti-terrorist Forum)
  • A member of CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)
  • A member of Asian Business Breakfast Club organized under the House of Lords, British Parliament
  • An Honorary ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic
  • An active member of leading world association for fight against narcotics of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association - INEOA and its analogically focused branch - DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • An Honorary citizen of Uherské Hradiště, Zlín and Otrokovice for his unselfish help at the time of catastrophic floods in 1997 and in 2002 in the Czech Republic.
  • Prestigious prize - Via Bona for his solidarity, citizenship and humanity, awarded by Citicorp New York, Citibank a.s., Foundation of the Civil Society
  • Knight of the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta
  • A minister of humanitarian affairs of the Federation of Knights of Malta and a holder of a diplomatic passport of that federation
  • A member of the Order of Saint George
  • Knight Commander of Noble Order of the Guard of St. Germain - Knight of St. Germain
  • Colonel of the Hungarian National Guard
  • Chief Commander of the Czech Unite of Femeraid International Services
  • Holder of 6th Dan in karate, 1st Dan in Judo, 1st champion grade in kickbox